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Products for Sale

Below is a directory of the products available for sale at our office. If you do not see the product you're looking for, please contact us to find what you need. If you'd like more information about a particular product, please let us know!

Toe Spacers

We have toe spacers available in Small, Medium, and Large.


Toe Caps by Silipos

A soft, comfortable and stretchable fabric cap fully coated with SiliposŪ gel slowly releases a medical grade mineral oil to soften and moisturize the skin. The Digital Cap is ideal for relieving pressure and friction on the affected toe or finger. It is also designed for nail problems, hammer toes, and more.


Toe Spreader


Digital Pads by Silipos

Digital pads protect toes from discomfort caused by friction & abrasion. These pads are commonly used for blisters, corns, hammertoes, calluses, and other traumas to help alleviate footwear pressure on toes.


Toe Cap

We have additional toe caps in small and large sizes.


Moleskin Corn Pads

We carry moleskin corn pads that are 1/8" thick.


Horsehoe Pads


Metatarsal Pads

We have metatarsal pads in two different thicknesses: 1/4" thick (white) and 1/8" thick (brown).


Pedi Foam Sleeve

Sizes available: small, medium, large


Toe Comb


Crest Pad

We carry crest pads for the left or right, in small, medium, and large sizes.


Trapezoid Moleskin Pad


Budin Splint

We carry budin splints for 1 toe, 2 toes, and 3 toes.


Formula 3 Antifungal Polish/Oil


Felt Corn Pads


Urea Care Cream


Foot Miracle Cream


JM Orthotics

We carry JM Orthotics in narrow and regular width.


Ankle Arch Support


Amerigel Lotion



Coverlets come in four shapes: regular, spot, H shape, and toe shields.


Spenco Sandals

We carry Spenco sandals for men in women in the following collors: black, pink, and brown.


Darby Shoes

Available in Mens and Womens


Sport ZX Insoles

Available in Mens and Womens.


Refurbished Orthotics


Ciclopirox Cream


Ankle Brace by Stromgren


Coban Self-Adherent Wraps

Our Coban self-adherent wraps come in 3 sizes: 1", 3", and 4"


Gel Toe Spacers by Silipos


Foam Corn Pad



Our gauze come in 3 sizes: 2x2, 3x3, and 4x4.


Roll Gauze

Our roll gauze comes in 2" or 3".


Lamb's Wool


Biofreeze Gel

Our biofreeze pain-relieving gel comes in three types: 10 oz. tube, 10 oz. roll-on, and 32 oz. pump.



We carry two types of shoehorns: small (short) and flexible handle.


Xero Sox


AloeTouch Gloves


SurgiGrip Compression Bandage

Our compression bandages come in multiple sizes.


Mupirocin Ointment


Bunion Splint

We have bunion splints in small, medium, and large for the left or right foot.


Ace Bandage


Waterproof Leg Cover


Dr.'s Remedy Nail Polishes with Tea Tree Oil